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Website for Audio Technician Ali Walker.
  • Welcome to my site!

    My name is Ali Walker and I am here to help you get the most out of your recording project - engineer, producer, mixer, technician, musician, programmer and tea-boy all rolled into one!

    Please feel free to make yourself comfortable, have a look around, and see how I can help.

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  • What I Can Offer

    Online mixing/re-mixing

    Ran out of time at the studio? Not happy with the outcome? If either of these are the case for you then I can remix the track with as many revisions as you like for a flat rate of £50 per track.

    Singer-songwriter production

    If you are a singer-songwriter I can help with getting the most out of your budget, including full band production. Email me with the ideas you have in mind and we'll take it from there!

    Soundtracks and jingles

    Looking for royalty free music for your project? I can create musical pieces tailored to your remit.


    I can also visit your session as a producer, mixer or engineer from as little as £16 per hour.

  • Projects

    Please click below to listen!

    "Walk Away" by Oliver Borrow

    This track was recorded with singer-songwriter Oliver Borrow. Oliver has been in heavy rock bands for most of his career, most recently Dukono (check them out for a comparison He approached me and wanted something a bit softer, with more of a mainstream feeling, influenced by Stereophonics' later work. The result was "Walk Away" and was completed in a one day session. Most of the instruments have been programmed or played by myself with the exception of the guitar solo which Oliver had a clear idea for and wanted to play himself.

    "Lovers & Friends" by Russell Edmonds

    A track written by Russell Edmonds aka Martha's Man ( He wanted to create something completely different from his acoustic work, opting instead to create a full band production. "Sex On Fire" was mentioned as an early direction to head towards and so we pulled various elements from other Kings of Leon songs. All of the instruments have been either programmed or played by myself, and due to the slightly more complex nature of the arrangement this was completed in a 2 day session.

  • Contact

    Contact form submitted! I will be in touch soon.


    11 Osea Way, Chelmsford
    Essex, CM1 6JS


  • About Me

    An enthusiastic, approachable and dedicated Audio Technician. I have a deep love of all aspects of audio and its' applications in the real world.

    Graduating from Southampton Solent University with a 2:1 Honours degree in Audio Technology, I have amassed in-depth knowledge of how audio can be manipulated and processed, from simple op-amp circuit building and DSP programming right through to Thevenin theorem and calculations of RT60s. Please visit the Knowledge section of the site for an outline of some of the other areas I have studied.

    I am a multi-skilled engineer and love working on projects with other engineers and musicians to deliver top-quality audio.

    My passion in life is producing - there is nothing more exciting than creating a record with an artist, be it carrying out their vision to it's completed state or collaborating ideas; I will help take your project to it's maximum potential.

    In a previous life I was a founding member of one of the south coast's most recently successful bands, The Rebs. I have played and toured all over Europe as a bass guitarist. I have experience of working and recording in some of the biggest studios in the world as well as extensive experience of interviews with national television and radio stations - I love a good chat about music!

    My favourite artists are (in no particular order, apart from maybe the first!):

    The Beatles
    The Kinks
    The Hives
    Micheal Jackson
    The Killers
    Foo Fighters
    Franz Ferdinand
    Bob Marley
    Jimi Hendrix
    Spice Girls
    Take That
    Green Day
    Ray Charles
    Stevie Wonder
    The Proclaimers
    The Small Faces
    John Lennon
    Roy Orbison
    Kula Shaker
    The Lightning Seeds
    Ocean Colour Scene
    Tom Jones
    Tenacious D

    I feel I should stop now, suffice to say there are countless others!

  • Knowledge and Skills

    Please see below a list of the knowledge and skills I have acquired both at University and since graduating.

    Extensive experience working with all manner of audio effects processors including compressors, expanders, limiters etc. and their practical applications. 3 years experience with broadcast studio equipment and VT operation (editing HDCam, DVE operation etc.) Theory of the physical properties and the electrical analysis of loudspeakers and the reciprocal microphone theory, enclosures, placement, cross-overs and the acoustical impulse transient response and design of listening spaces

    Knowledge of the THX cinema specification including THX baffles, acoustic properties of different materials and their appropriate application

    Knowledge of the current standards of video and audio compression, their principles and applications(e.g. MPEG layers 1,2 and 3, AAC, temporal and frequency masking etc)

    Knowledge of the engineering requirements and structure of sound desks (both analogue and digital), non-linear processors such as compressors and expanders, noise reduction and both parametric and third octave equalisation

    Use of Tektronix vector scope for the calibration and measurement of video equipment

    Calibration of Studer A80 1 inch reel-to-reel tape machines (zenith, azimuth etc.)

    Knowledge and application of Thevenin and Norton theorems, as well as superposition

    Audio systems design involving configuration of any room to conform to Dolby/ITU specifications using Dolby CP500 cinema processor

    Calculation of RT60, Signal-to-Noise ratio, Critical Distance and Articulation Loss of Consonants

    Adjustment of 1/3 octave equalisers to conform rooms to ISO 2969 X-curve using pink noise in conjunction with an ARTA80 Real Time Analyser

    Soundtrack mixing and dubbing using the Yamaha 03D Digital console as well as Sound Design for APTN production Entertainment Now!

    9 years experience with Cubase SX for music production. Good understanding of Audacity, Logic, Pro Tools and Mackie sequencers also.

    Measurement of Maximum Length Sequence

    Precise linear and non-linear audio and video editing using Sony Vegas

    Knowledge of digital and analogue modulation techniques and practical experience of their applications (QPSK, QAM etc)

    Knowledge of Networking principles and applications

    Excellent knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Internet: experience in using spreadsheets and preparing graphical presentations for large groups of people

    Comprehensive understanding of Windows-based operating systems, installation and maintenance of software programmes as well as problem solving.

    Outstanding communication skills

    Excellent performance working under pressure and proven track record of meeting deadlines both individually as well as part of a team

    Exceptional organisational skills with 1 years experience using Microsoft Project

    Website design using Microsoft Expression 4 and Adobe Dreamweaver (including this site)

    1 years working experience of working extensively with Adobe Photoshop

  • Philosophy

    I also have a very strong philosophy over how music should be produced:

    Perform. Whilst I will reach for the editing tools if needs be, nothing beats getting it right on the take. This is a fast declining art-form and records are suffering because of it.

    Experiment. A lot of artists fall into traps which evolve over long periods of time, to a point where they don't know themselves how they got there! Retain what makes you unique but do not be afraid of ditching arrangements which are not to the standards you would expect as a paying music fan.

    Listen. Sounds simple doesn't it? A lot of people struggle with this! Be it to your collaborators, your audience or the records you love, we are in the business of listening.

    By following these rules every session is a breeze!